The Toffa Project is Complete

Today I finished the last two commercial commissions for the project I’ve been grinding away at for the last month. It feels pretty good.

It feels “I want to go have a party” good, in fact.

Unfortunately, I forged three days ahead of deadline on that project at the expense of doing any buffer-fu today. *sigh*. Like I said before, there’s always more work to do than there is me to do it with. So… no party today. Maybe tomorrow I can get chalain to break out the chaos toys.


5 thoughts on “The Toffa Project is Complete”

  1. ooooh… chaos toys…

    You know what would be fun? A potluck chaos toy party. You invite a ton of people, and everybody brings the parts they own… I’d love to rent a racquetball court or something similar and fill the whole thing up!

      1. Re: Breaking up the sets

        Same problem with LEGO parties.

        It’d be nice to have some sort of computer program to inventory it all… But then, when you’ve got a LEGO collection as big as I have, that’d take weeks to do. My LEGO collection fits into two large Rubbermaid storage containers, and one medium one. And I want more.

      2. Hey, I actually thought of that – those nifty engravers you can get, people etch ID#s on bicycles and whatnot – if you put your initials on each piece, that would help!

        Or maybe a symbol… hrm, I wonder what “the artist formerly known as Howard” symbol would look like…

    1. Ahh yes, but would a racquetball court have sufficient random stuff you could route the machine around and through? would ther be enough random stuff ti include in the machine? all questions that must be answered.

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