Yesterday I played over at chalain‘s house with his new Chaos Marble Machine. We played with a really, really, REALLY big set of these at Linucon, and decided to help Steve Jackson set up a site devoted to the Convention Chaos Machine.

(If you’re running a convention and want a GREAT activity that can run nonstop for the entire event, get with Steve. Or contact me and I’ll put you in touch with him.)

Anyway, Chalain and I played with a very, very small (by comparison) set. Conclusion: I want one for Christmas. Then I won’t be dependent on my friend for my Chaos fix, but I’ll still play with him anyway because two sets are better than one.


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  1. I picked up a tiny one on eBay myself. It’s just not the same as one you can walk through. 🙂 I’m hoping to use it to develop a couple of interesting additions for the next time I get to play with Steve’s.

  2. You are going to me one of these for Christmas, aren’t you? I’ve been a good boy.

    I should probably make an effort to go to the next Linucon (assuming there is a next time).

  3. Now you’ve made me want one, or at least the opportunity to ‘hack’ one. Too bad I can’t get one for my own now that my little on’es starting to get mobile …

  4. The UNC Womens and Childrens hospital here in raleigh NC area has 2 setups like this in glass cass, running 24/7. They use belt drive and wooden balls, and have wooden planks they bounce from rather than trampolines.

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