My Kimmel tape arrived from jmaynard. I would have watched it last night, but I was still plowing through the Season Four CSI DVDs I borrowed from chalain.

If it weren’t for my friends, I don’t think I’d get any entertainment at all.

Speaking of free entertainment, some of you may recall my railing at Pete a while back. Whether or not MY griping had anything to do with it (and I’m suspecting “not”), Sluggy has been wonderful lately. It’s been updating regularly, and the updates have been BIG. Verrry nice. Okay, there was filler yesterday, and that bugged me as much as ever, but with all the griping I did before I figured it was only fair for me to say how much happier I’ve been.

Keep it up, Pete.


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    1. I had to dig it out of the recycling bin to see what the title was. When Sandra handed it to me she just said “this is for you” and I tore straight into it.

      It said “Howard Tayler, Cartoonist.”

      Thanks, Jay!

  1. Sluggy 🙂

    Yeah, Sluggy has been doing a lot better recently. It’s good to see one of my old favorites drawing me back in again after I had dropped it to a “weekly read” instead of daily. Lets hope Pete keeps up the good work. 🙂

    Maybe I should check some of the comics that I’ve dropped off my read list entirely and see if any of them have gotten interesting while I’ve been away. Melonpool definitely did, but it’s gone back into sort of a rehash of old story lines now it seems.

  2. Like everybody, Pete comes and goes on how “on” he is at any given point. He seems to be moving back towards the “11” setting currently, which is good.

    Some of his storylines are fabulous. This latest has been confused and jarring. It looks like things are smoothing out and he’s heading towards a climax of some sort, so hopefully it’ll get better.

    Superosity fell off my read list just recently. When I was transferring my current reads from SCV to FL, I accidentally omitted it while I was pruning out dead comics/etc. I didn’t realize it for about a month!

  3. I fully agreed with your rant before and agree with you now. The fact that you use a buffer is another reason that Schlock is one of my favorite comics, I don’t need to worry about getting my daily dose!

    I wish more comics used a buffer.

  4. Yeah, I’ve found myself wondering the same thing on cartoonists that miss dates – why don’t they get ahead a bit? As someone who is usually getting things done just-in-time, I know how tough that can be, but when the alternative is showing youself as less than professional… it seems like an easy choice to make.

    Howard, I just read your original post, I thought it was in good form. It’s obvious you care about Sluggy and don’t want to see it suck… that’s the best motivation one can have for criticism.

  5. I’m still down on Pete Abrams. Not even having enough buffer for a single day of “I’m sick” – or even his own filler strips, most of the time – is not my idea of a ‘professional’.

    (Professional being someone who expects to earn a living from the work)

    Just because he’s doing better about posting the strips on time _right now_ doesn’t mean he’s fixed his habits.


  6. While he may update on time more often now, I found Sluggy lacking in the comedy or even a story I wanted to follow… at least till the more recent strips in the second Chapter of ‘That Which Redeems’. This Sunday’s (10/24) strip with the Recap Demon was another touch of comedy gold which, along with 10/22, worked pretty well for me. It feels a lot more like the Sluggy I started following, a half-dozen strips into its existence.

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