No control, Redux

I didn’t get into the Nesquik again. This time I got into the OvalkWIKI, my new, hyperlinked encyclopedia of plotting, character development, and all things Schlockiverse.

I wrote for something like six hours straight, starting at 8:30pm. It was Oh-Dark-45 (nudging 3am) before I got into bed and slept. Fitfully. Dreaming of plots and characters and the rest of it.

If Writer’s Block is like constipation, what I’ve got right now this morning is Writer’s Hangover.

It feels good. I wish I could do this more often.

11 thoughts on “No control, Redux”

  1. And in the process of dumping large amounts of your Schlock knowledge to the database, forcing it to run from “logical necessities if you think about it” and “oh, yeah, that’s right” through the front of your consciousness, I expect that you’ve set off all sorts of new streams of thought.

    I certainly look forward to the fruits of your labors, sir. Best wishes.

    ===|==============/ Level Head

  2. Wikis

    I’ve been pondering switching to a Wiki to simplify the maintenance workload of the website I use for my D&D campaign, hoping that the reason I’m not making much progress on it is that it’s a pain in the tuckus to update right now, rather than I’m just not inspired. 😉

    Looking into Wiki software was insane, though – there’s so many different ones. Which did you choose, and was it based on a recommendation, a feature list, or just the first you came across?

    Would you recommend a Wiki for more than just a personal note-keeper? I don’t want the collaboration feature of it, but I do want to be able to customize portions.

    1. Re: Wikis

      I use a wiki for my D&D campaigns; the main one is public, and it’s crammed with reference material, character sheets, encyclopedia information about the game world(s), etc. Then there’s at least one private wiki that I fill with DM notes, etc. I do not give out the link to that, but I’m still too lazy to figure out how to restrict access to just me.

      I use MoinMoin wiki. You’ll need a Python installation for it, but. Howard’s getting his wiki service from Chalain, who last I checked also uses MoinMoin.


      1. Re: Wikis

        Hmm, good information all around there – thanks.

        Python’s not a problem, although I was aiming for something PHP based to fit in with my existing set of utilities, and the somewhat stark look of MoinMoin is a bit offsetting.

        TikiWiki looks like it might handle the customization I want, but ye gods is it ever huge.

      2. Re: Wikis

        I’m a great fan of MoinMoin. The simple interface presents you with the data and gets the heck out of the way. (If, as you say, you find it too “stark”, you may want to look into the various skins and themes that are available for it.)

        Another neat thing about MoinMoin is that, since it’s written in Python, it’s relatively easy to extend with a powerful programming language.

    2. Re: Wikis

      I have technical people doing the tech-work for me. Head over to the Nightstar forums and look for “Chalain.” He’s the expert.

      Yes, I recommend these for both collaboration and personal note-taking.

      1. Re: Wikis

        Technical people.. I guess that’s one way to describe them..

        Maybe it’d be better to say “addicted freaks willing to do anything to support said addiction”.


  3. This sounds like a healthier addiction than Nesquik, anyways. 😀 Say, would selling subscriptions to an OwalkWiki be something that one could do to raise funds, perhaps? Have a free public version, and then one with pictures that you’d pay for, like with Keenspot Premium, but with the benefit of linking to strips that relate to the Wiki entry? Example being: “BH-209: Made by Strohl, it works by…. also see entry under strip for August 29, 2000“.

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