First Session, Last Session

This BrainShare has been a unique one for me. With my change in job title there has been a concomitant change in responsibilities, so I no longer need to meet with analysts and press. Then there was the discovery that one of my two sessions could be better covered by one of the guys we flew out for lab duty.

The upshot of all this… for the first time in 7 years of presenting at BrainShare conferences worldwide, I’m only doing ONE session.

And I’m only doing it once.

And I just did it.

This, as you might imagine, is both a huge relief and a bit of a let-down. The rest of my time here will be spent meeting with customers, schmoozing, and (if there’s any justice at all) getting some actual WORK done while I hide here in the “Speaker Ready-Room.”

There’s a video from last year’s BrainShare Europe right here. I’m told I’m in it, but I don’t know exactly WHERE, so you’ll just have to watch the whole thing. It’s only 35.7mb… I have no idea how LONG it is.


9 thoughts on “First Session, Last Session”

  1. Okay, the video is just under three minutes long, and I appear during the thirty-sixth second. I think I get about half of it.

    If you think that’s worth a 35.7mb download, by all means, have a look.


      1. Re: model of marriage

        Does this count as vouyerism, at least on a married couple’s day-to-day interactions? You’re much more entertaining than the Newlyweds, that’s for certain. 😀

          1. Re: model of marriage

            That’s because Jessica Simpson probably finds it easier to play off her image as an airhead than demonstrate any other role, if she has more brains than she’s letting on to. Besides, they’re boring and rather shallow. You and Howard seem to have more meaningful conversations and communications, even if they’re short or hampered by the public forum (some things you really don’t want to mention in public, after all).

            I know I won’t be that lucky, probably. Gold stars for you both, however, with your communication.:D

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