Worst Game Ever

Today’s round of Disc Golf was miserable. I started okay with a par on hole 1, but then I doubled 2, bogied 3, missed birdie opportunities on 4 and 5, Turned a birdie on 6 into a bogie, missed a birdie on 7, and then… THEN, when I was at 4 over par, I quadruple-bogied 8. The only thing that made that experience worthwhile was that a nice girl fished my disc out of the pond. She was swimming in it ANYWAY, but I still gave her a dollar for her troubles.

Then I bogied 9, adding insult to injury. Nine over par, for an average of one extra stroke per hole.

I hate this game. Why do I keep playing it?

(Don’t answer that. I mean it.)

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  1. Jeopardy

    Would an answer in the form of a question be ok?

    And do I want to know why this girl was swimming in the pond. Oh well, I guess we all have our off days, and today seems to have been yours. Keep your chin up Howard, you’ll do better next time. 🙂

    1. Re: Jeopardy

      Dunno why she was in the pond, but there she was. She’d BEEN swimming in it, and hadn’t dried off yet. Go figure.

      The really pathetic thing: I ALREADY WANT TO PLAY AGAIN. What in the deity-cursed expletive is wrong with me?

      1. In AA…

        We call that our definition of insanity…

        Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…


      2. Re: Jeopardy

        Aww, no one ever said you had to be good at something to enjoy it, or I’d never play minigolf again.

  2. I just got my “clubs”

    I ordered a starter kit for disc golf. I just came in from goofing around in the back yard. I was only able to throw these things 40 yards or so, and all five of the discs had a nasty hook to them. I kept adjusting my grip and release angle, but nothing seems to help. Am I doing something wrong, or is this just the way it is.

    1. Re: I just got my “clubs”

      You’re doing something wrong. Ideally, the drivers have a high-speed turn (early in the flight) and low-speed fade (late in the flight) that varies from disc to disc.

      If you are throwing Right-handed back-hand (as opposed to the Joe Mayer under-arm-back-hand thing, which I doubt you’ll have much success with), the high-speed turn will be to the RIGHT (assuming you release with the disc tipped about 10 degrees to the right), and then the low-speed fade will be to the LEFT.

      If you release with the disc tipped to the right, it will almost ALWAYS turn hard to the right. Disc golf discs sacrifice the ability to “correct” in flight for the ability to fly a long, long way.

      You may find your putter the best disc to play with for driving AND putting at first, because it DOES sacrifice some distance for stability.

      1. Re: I just got my “clubs”

        I’m a righty, and I am doing the classic backhand throw. It always go to the left at the end. I managed a couple times to get the drivers going to the right initially (by tilting my release that way), but it would eventually hook to the left at the end. I’ve always been able to put a whole lot of spin on a frisbee. I wonder if thats whats getting me now.

        I think you’re right. I think I should just mess around with the putter and mid-range first. My kit came with 3 drivers, a mid-range and putter.

        1. Re: I just got my “clubs”

          I just started playing myself a few weeks ago. I found that Istarted out with a huge hook. At first I was just throwing it in a huge curve so that it would go out away from the fairway and then fade back in, but there were a lot of times I wanted to throw straight and there was also the problem of distance. So I tried with other throws and I found that if I throw the disc forehand instead of backhand I can keep it level and go pretty straight. So you might want to try with different throws and just see how they work. And of course, practice is always helpful.

  3. Dead Run

    Have you ever played while running? You throw, sprint to your disk, breath for a second, throw and run again? After 27 holes, you know you’ve done something…

    1. Re: Dead Run

      That sounds like the beginnings of Olympic Disc Golf. *shudder*

      For a moment, I thought you meant a running throw – which I don’t think is legal – or is it?

      I don’t want to think about combining cricket and disc golf… I mean, the dopey buff-colored sweaters are just too much for me. 🙂

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