Sandra’s on the road, I’m at the drawing table

Sandra’s on the road to Boise right now, and I’m engaged in some serious Buffer-Fu. On Saturday and Sunday I scripted two weeks worth of Schlock, and I’m going to try and get all 18 rows inked by Tuesday afternoon. That’ll put me far enough ahead that I can spend a little time crafting the opening of “Schlock Mercenary Book IV: Saving The Galaxy.”

In case you’re wondering, the working titles for the first three books are:

Schlock Mercenary 1001: Under New Management
Schlock Mercenary Book II: The Blackness Between
Schlock Mercenary Book III: Out From Under New Management

We’re also planning on a CD of the first 1000 strips, entitled “Schlock Mercenary 1000: Step Away From The Tub of Happiness”


10 thoughts on “Sandra’s on the road, I’m at the drawing table”

  1. You know what book I’m waiting for?
    The one they all keep quoting of course ! Effective pirating or whatever it was called.
    Rule#37 “Pillage first, then burn!”

    I mean, you’ve gotta have half written it by now…

    1. It’s COMPLETELY written, but it’s less than a page long.

      The only way to publish that sucker is to put one rule on a page, and then illustrate it.


      1. well, you also need to fill up each rule with plenty of examples of it’s application in the real world.

        For instance, pillage and burn can be filled with small time crooks examples, space pirating examples and multinational operating system company examples.

        Don’t mind me, I’m just trying to create more work. It’s fun to scan LJ, sit back comfortably, and not be the author 🙂

      2. And this is a problem how?

        Seriously, have you taken a look in the “self-help” or “mind body spirit” sections of the bookshop of your choice lately ?
        [Alright, the answer to that is probably no.. but I’m studying for a masters in theraputic counselling and psych is usually right next door.]

        I suspect you’d be onto a winner there, given that “Chicken soup for the Piratical soul” made the top ten best-sellers in that catagory. And I can think of at least three books just off the top of my head that run to a sentence per page, or less sometimes!

        Publish in mini-bok format, include examples and pictures [for those that are understanding impaired] and market that sucker!! Then watch the money come rolling trickling in…
        Well, it beats working surely ?

      3. Didn’t they do something like that already?

        One of my favorite Heinlein characters is Lazarus Long (but only in some of his books…in others it just got too weird, I mean sex with your mother? I know it was a twist on Oedipus Rex, but really…did he have to take it that far?)…one of the books he stars in has an entire list of pithy sayings in the middle. I remember seeing these same phrases in one book…one phrase per page, and they were all illuminated like a medieval manuscript (my favorite is “A poet who reads his verse in public may have other nasty habits.”). You could do something similar. All you need to do is find someone willing to do the illumination.

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