Pressed for Time

I haven’t had much time to sit and write about all the stuff I’m doing due to the fact that there’s been a lot of stuff to do. Mostly it was “get back into the swing of the day-job” stuff, but some of it has been at least marginally more entertaining — like going to a reunion on my Mom’s side of the the family.

Granted, since my Mom is dead she’s not involved in the planning. Right now rest sounds kind of nice.

Anyway, all this reunionification is made all the happier because my Grandmother is out here in Utah getting to participate. She and her two living sisters (the fourth passed away about three years ago, if memory serves) got their pictures taken in wheelchairs doing the “See no, hear no, speak no evil” poses. Only they got it wrong — it was “speak no, see no, hear no” in the order they were posed. The funny part is that my Grandmother is the hardest of hearing of the bunch (she’s 95, the others are 90 and 83, so she’s got an excuse) and she got to be “hear no evil.” I’m still giggling.

They’re using the 90-year-old’s birthday as an excuse for the reunion, and what it really amounts to is a reunion of the descendants of some great-grandparents I never met. Mostly it was dominated by my 2nd-cousins’ kids and their families — she had like nine kids, and all but maybe one are “gainfully” married with offspring of their own.

We’re getting together again this afternoon, right in the middle of what should be prime cartooning time. And then there’s this church swim party in the evening. And I guess the upshot of all this is that Daddy should be cartooning right now rather than writing this stuff for you folks, because although the buffer is at 21 I need it up around 35 come September 10th… I’ve got three weeks of consecutive travel scheduled, and you people will get all antsy and stuff if you don’t get your Schlock fix.


3 thoughts on “Pressed for Time”

  1. I don’t know, Howard. Barring the occasional KeenSplats, I’ve never NOT gotten my Schlock fix.

    You’re the most reliable dealer on the web!

    Have fun at the reunion — sounds like a blast.

  2. That’s why I didn’t go to Schlockfest

    I heard that if I went I would have the opportunity to read a month of Schlock ahead…

    So I would get one great big Schlock fix… but then what would happen as day after day I didn’t get to see anything new? Of course I could have probably gone anyway and just not read it… but the temptation would have been to great. I just don’t have that much will power.

    That and the wife neede the brakes changed in her car and if I hadn’t gotten it done she would have done something to make me feel guilty about it. Like get in a car wreck cause she didn’t have breaks…


    1. Re: That’s why I didn’t go to Schlockfest

      For what it’s worth, there WERE people at Schlockfest who didn’t do the read-ahead. Also, the read-ahead BEGAN 10 days AFTER the current strip, so those folks are STILL getting new stuff today. And by the time tomorrow’s strip (the first of the read-aheads) airs, it’ll all be fresh again, right?

      Anyway, I’m sorry we missed you.

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