Insight into Episode III

My next-door neighbor back in 1994 was a police officer. Nice guy, full head of hair, nice family.

Now he plays Darth Vader with the the Alpine Garrison of the 501st Legion. See?

That’s how it happens… you go from being serving with the forces for good, and then you’re seduced to the dark side in hopes of getting a shiny helmet to cover the hair loss. I bet that’s how the movie goes, too.

p.s. Mark, if you’re reading this, it was really good talking to you, and these are not the droids you’re looking for.

4 thoughts on “Insight into Episode III”

  1. Small world I think….

    Given that I live in the South West of the UK, I think it’s a small world when you can say ‘I think i’ve run into him before’ literally!

    My memory could be faulty but I think the 501 group were at DragonCon in 2001, and I have to admit they did look very good.

    Just a pity that Darth got run into by a Pernese Dragonrider late for a session.. oops:)

    1. Re: Small world I think….

      Keep in mind that the 501st has garrisons across the world — the Alpine Garrison is here in Utah, and I doubt Mark gets as far afield as Atlanta.


  2. “…and these are not the droids you’re looking for.”

    Stormtrooper: “Man, again? You’d think it would be easy to find a couple of freaking droids, but no. Geez, I need a transfer… well, at least this helmet covers my baldspot…

    Incidentally, have you heard of some of the things that Lucas is doing to the new special edition of the original trilogy? If the man was an historian, he would be a revisionist.

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