Flew to Boston today. Flying home tomorrow.

I flew to Boston today. My first-class upgrade cleared, and that made the trip much nicer. I colored four strips on the plane, and got all the busy-work done on another three. And they fed me breakfast instead of making me pay for it.

I did almost pee on my shoe, but that was just a matter of poor timing. Or rather, GOOD timing. The turbulence that hit while I was in the forward head was the worst I’ve experienced in years. Fortunately I had JUST “put things away” (nudge-nudge-wink-wink) when the plane went all jouncy. I rode it out sitting on the toilet white-knuckling the bar next to the toilet that I will never again demean for getting in my way.

So, no pee on my shoe, and because everything was nice and empty, no crap in my pants either. It was some ride, though.

Boston. Again. No visits with Schlockers this time, as I’m in-and-out a bit too quickly. I MIGHT have some cycles between 11:30 in Waltham and 3:00 at Logan airport, but I’m not confident enough in the area to try to set anything up. And those cycles could dry up completely if the customers I’m being PAID TO VISIT WITH decide they want to grill me over lunch. Or grill me instead of lunch. Or grill me FOR lunch, OVER an open flame, INSTEAD of letting me go to the airport early. So I’ll be sitting around the Novell campus with my wireless internet access doing actual work, I’m sure.

I was treated to a dinner cruise tonight. The irony of going on a dinner cruise, stag, while most of the rest of the employees and customers around me brought wives or dates, on the night before my 11th wedding anniversary is not lost on me. I’ll be home to say Happy Anniversary tomorrow, though, and that’s what counts. Besides, the cruise was <sourgrapes=ON>boring, the food was awful, the weather terrible, and the scenery too post-industrial and in fact downright ugly I swear</sourgrapes>.