Travel Plans

I’m hitting the road tomorrow (Monday) at 6:15am, boarding an 8:10am flight for Dulles (2:07pm arrival time), then driving to pick up my brother at BWI (4:45pm arrival time).

We’ll be in the Washington, DC area (Beltsville, mostly) on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, maybe taking an early-ish morning drive to College Park for some Disc Golf. Most of our time will be spent visiting our Grandmother in the hospital. Word is she’s doing well, and is heading for recovery and release, but everybody pretty much expects that within a few months she’ll be back, as something ELSE goes wrong. I just hope that the day or so we get to spend with her is a happy time for her.

Randy and I both fly out of BWI on Wednesday evening — me at 4:45, and him an hour and 10 minutes later.

I probably won’t be online much, but if I am, I’ll post an update. If you’re in the Beltsville/College Park area and want to join me for a game of Disc Golf at the crack of dawn Tuesday or Wednesday, post something to the Nightstar or Keenspot forums, and Sandra will put me in touch with you. No, I’m not putting my cell phone number in my Live Journal. 😉


3 thoughts on “Travel Plans”

  1. I’m not sure Howard will be able to get online so here is the update:

    Howard described Grandma as looking old and frail and small and weak and radiant. She was incredibly happy to see her grandsons. Tomorrow Howard is going to take his laptop full of pictures of her great grandchildren and show them to her. The trip has already been more than worth the trouble and expense. But then we knew it would be.

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