Some cross-posting

For those of you interested in Disc Golf, there’s an LJ community where I posted this rant about some new discs I bought.

I need to follow it up with a rant about how that particular community might as well be a fence-post for all the feedback I get back out of it. Except for the one time I posted pictures from Rotterdam, that is. You’d think those guys were spending all their time outdoors, playing disc golf, rather than sitting inside at the computer reading live jour… oh. Never mind.

(Oh, and whoops. Somebody just replied to my post. Forget that fence-post comment, really. I meant nothing by it.)

Additional cross-posting can be found in the Open Letter, itself cross-posted to the SchlockTroops LJ Community, which you really ought to read if you like webcomics, because there’s fun “inside story” stuff in there. Go clicky!

What else… hrrmm…