Between the post-nasal drip and the diarrheah, I’m sore at both ends. (TMI, I know).

I’ve got mandatory meetings at the beginning and the end of the work-day, today, so I think I’m going to take four hours of sick-leave and try to sleep this off midday. I’m even putting it in my GroupWise calendar.

Sandra’s illin’ too. Gleek has a fever. Patches has goopy-nose-and-ears. Link’s fine, and Howler is well. Sounds to me like a rhinovirus is making the rounds, though, with three of us down with similar symptoms.

Funny thing: my shoulder feels better. I’m not going to go play disc golf today though — it was 79F (26C) this moring at 8:00am. I’m sure it’ll be a hairs’ breadth from 100F (38C) by lunch today, and I’m not going to take my sickly self out in that heat. Besides, it’s probably just the twisted ear effect. You know, you twist a horse’s ear when you brand it so it’s paying attention to pain up there on its head right up until it’s too late and its butt is on fire. This cold may be making me not pay attention to the shoulder.

Whatever. Rest, vitamins, fluids… it’s all on the schedule for today. My co-workers can scan my schedule for free slices in which to schedule meetings, and there won’t be any.


12 thoughts on “Siiiiick”

  1. I’m sore at both ends.

    I’m reporting you for violation of the Freedom From Information Act.

    Sorry you’re not feeling well — hope the nap helps. Get better.

  2. This may be getting into too much detail but i was wondering… what is a goopy ear? I’m not around children much so it may be an ailment I am unaware of.

    Hope you’re feeling better.

    1. Goopy Ear

      Most of the time when kids have a middle ear infection all the “goop” stays trapped behind the eardrum causing pain and fever. Patches has tubes in his eardrums because he had a problem with chronic fluid. So all that lovely infected goop dribbles out thus causing less pain, less fever, and a whole lot more mess.

      Almost certainly not the mental picture you wanted to start your day with, but you DID ask.

      1. Re: Goopy Ear

        *removes his eyes with a spork*

        No good… Mental image is still there…

        Best wishes to the family…

        Ya bunch of plauge rats you…. 🙂

        *send smuch love, and theraflu*

        I truly do swear by TheraFlu… Get the lemon flavored, and add some honey…

        It’s almost only nasty tasting….

        But it works like a true charm…

        1. Re: Goopy Ear

          I read that as “TeraFlu”, and horrible visions of future Schlock episodes now haunt my fevered imagination. I hope Teraport fields stop it ….

      2. Re: Goopy Ear

        You know, I’m eating curry and rice as you write this… and thank God for the context-senstive mental filters that I was gifted with. 😀

        Mind’s eye censors are SO very nice in situations like this. Condolences on the three kids (Howard, Gleek, and Patches) being ill, on top of yourself.

        1. Re: Goopy Ear

          A very, very good observation, counting Howard as a kid…

          “Growning old is no excuse for growing up…”

  3. Patches and Gleek are headed to the doctor. Link is coughing, but it’s a remnant of being sick LAST week. I think he’s the index case. He’ll probably give it to Howler just in time for me to give Howler back to his mom. (Evil giggle here) And maybe the rest of us will be done by then so that Kiki can avoid it all together.

  4. I’m sore at both ends.

    *opens up howards head, and replaces the TMI filter*

    Wow… The original one… I’m impressed… You gota lot of miles outta this baby…

    *shakes his head* Man… You and your dear, dear wife are both big on the terrible mental images today…

  5. Rest, vitamins, fluids… it’s all on the schedule for today.

    Well, there goes the limit of my advice, with the possible exception that I would consider adding aspirin to the list where necessary.

    Hope you feel better!


  6. Ick…get well soon

    Only thing more miserable than being sick yourself is having someone you love be sick….and you’re experiencing both at the same time…in spades.

    Hope you all feel better soon.

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