Schlocker meetings in Boise

Last night I met with the Fandemonium guys at the TA Truckstop restaurant in Boise. Borneo, Ogredude, Eldon, and Bizzybody all joined me for a nice 1am dinner/breakfast. We talked about the ‘con, I exchanged some artwork for dinner, and we basically had a good time. I was pretty punchy after 6 hours on the road (I left Provo at 5pm, and arrived in Boise at 11:15) so there were lots of laughs.

I didn’t get enough sleep, though. I got to the house at 2:15, and the sneezy, snorky, allergic-to-the-cousins’-cat kids in the room with me kept me up until almost 4am. Then at 7am I popped awake. Bleah.

I made a couple of phone calls, and then at 10am joined Preston and Daniel, a couple of Boise-area Schlockers for 9 holes of disc golf at Ann Morrison park. The park is gorgeous, the course is great, and my game was atrocious. Sandra and Link joined us, and we had fun, but it was pretty frustrating for me. I watched a few of the locals play, and realized their drives looked a lot like what mine USED to look like before I had to switch hands. Then I just got frustrated because the course was too challenging for my limited ability.

After the game we went to Panda Express for lunch. Preston treated, and got a schlock-ish caricature of himself in return. I drew one for Daniel, too. We had a good time talking about stuff, and they enjoyed watching me draw. (At least I THINK they did. They were attentive, anyway.) I dropped a few hints about upcoming story stuff, but I’m not dropping those here because you guys didn’t come disc golfing with me or take me to lunch. Sorry.

And now, it’s nap time.

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  1. Frisbee Golf

    How do you find frisbee golf courses? I live in Seattle and have been looking online and asking friends about it. You have me interested in the sport, and I’d like to try it out. I just can’t seem to find anywhere to go play. Help would be appreciated.


    1. Re: Frisbee Golf

      First off, Google is your friend.

      Secondly, Google is friendlier when you use the right search terms. “Frisbee” is a brand name NOT associated with the game — it’s called “Disc Golf”

      Third: Here’s your best source for disc golf courses in the US.

      Finally, this page shows all the PDGA-documented courses in Washington, three of which are in the SeaTac area. You’re in business!

      Disc golfers are friendly folk. Hang out at tee #1 for 20 minutes on a Saturday and you’ll probably find someone willing to demonstrate some basics, and maybe even loan you a disc. At the very least they can direct you to their favorite sporting-goods store where Disc Golf discs are sold (regular “catch” frisbees won’t work well).


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