No, really, I was KIDDING about the pancakes

When I commented about making pancakes on my new Weber grill I was KIDDING.

Then I got to thinking about it. Heck, I was planning to do more bacon on it anyway. So I went into the garage to find the Dutch oven (I’ve done pancakes in that before, over open flame no less) and sitting next to it was the griddle from my old Camp Chef grill.

10 minutes later I was cooking pancakes and bacon on the grill, outdoors. At 9:00pm.

Seriously, I was kidding about making pancakes out there, but those were some of the best freakin’ pancakes I’ve ever made.


9 thoughts on “No, really, I was KIDDING about the pancakes”

  1. 1) I’m all hungry now and want real Canadian Maple Syrup on my pancakes
    2) (just read today’s (tuesday) Schlcok, are we Canadians gonna be upset.
    3) probably not, we have a good sense of humour

    1. Well, I hate to break it to Howard, but I DID get my ski jacket on sale.

      Outside of that, though, that’s a pretty fair description of Canada, and it’s even got the CN Tower-alike there to help the impression along.

  2. Mmmm….pancakes……

    You should see if you can figure out a way to make more wonderful foodstuffs on your new grill. See if you can’t get the average cost of food down to about $5.00 per item. You still have quite a way to go.

  3. Dutch Oven… I think that’s what we call a camp oven here in Aus. Cast-iron thing with a lid?

    Dutch Ovens are something entirey different (and always gets a bloke into trouble with his partner.)

  4. Howard, not only are you a great cartoonist and good all around person, as a dad you ROCK. 🙂 My dad did nutty stuff like that for my brother and me, too. Drove Mom nuts, but she was already more than halfway there to begin with. 🙂 🙂

  5. I think the order of progression would be:


    Once you can do omlets, you can do Chupaqueso (because it’s basically a cheeze-instead-of-egg omlet).

    From there, Howard could do a recipe book.

  6. Have you tried grilling a pizza yet?

    It can be done, I’ve done it and it turns out great, almost like one of those wood fired oven pizzas. You actually grill the pizza dough on one side, flip it over and add toppings. Used crushed fresh tomatoes rather than a tomato sauce…you don’t want things to be too wet. Top it off with some really good fresh cheese and you’re all set. A pizza peel is handy for moving the pizza on and off the grill, but it isn’t required. Check out and do a search for grilled pizza for different recipes and techniques. I’ve done grilled pizza parties where there are bowls of different toppings laid out and everyone gets to build their own. Great fun…really.


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