I don’t know WHAT is wrong with me today, but I’m loopy.

A year or so ago I had a mild anaphylactic reaction to my allergy shots, and they gave me a shot of ephedrine to pull me out of it. I feel today like I felt after getting that shot — loopy, shaky, and perpetually tired.

This morning I was afraid to drive myself to work, I was so loopy, so I called in sick for the AM, and took a nap. I was out for almost 90 minutes, and when I came to I was still tired, but less loopy. I got myself into the office just fine, got a couple of emails answered, and then lay down on the floor of my office for another hour. Gah!

All I can figure is that the store-brand “nyquil” I took last night at 11:00pm is not settling well with me. There aren’t any other medications in my system. But that stuff shouldn’t still be around 15 hours later — here it is 2:00pm, and I’m STILL tired and loopy.

The good news is I’m pretty sure I’m going to be okay driving myself HOME.


12 thoughts on “Loopy…”

  1. I have the same problem with any brand of medicine like NyQuil. It clears out of my body but it doesn’t really leave me rested. It just lets me get some rest. So I’m still tired and out of it the next day. I call it the NyQuil hangover.

  2. Same here. It doesn’t even take NyQuil five seconds to put me under, and it seems like I am zombified for at least a day and a half afterwards. But it does work…

      1. It used to be even worse. As late as 10 years ago, Nyquil (and store brands thereof) were 25% alcohol. 50 proof. That’s more, ounce for ounce, than either beer or wine. It was almost as much as distilled stuff.

        That’s why it comes with a little shot glass, apparently. 😉

  3. Sandra may have diagnosed my problem. She asked if there was a metallic taste in my mouth.

    ME: “Yeah. My tongue tastes like a chemical burn, and my breath tastes acrid.”

    SANDRA: “That’s symptomatic of Bronchitis.”

    ME: “That would explain the shortness of breath, wouldn’t it?”

    I’m going to the Doctor tomorrow.


    1. Good luck.

      Eeew… Bronchitis sucks but is at least treatable. Good Luck Howard hopefully the nice doctor can hop you up on meds to get you back in tip top shape in no time.
      Now I just have to figure out what’s wrong with my eye…

  4. “So…. loopy.”

    Ouch. First the cold, and now bronchitis? Maybe it’s time to boost the vitamin intake a bit? Thankfully, I haven’t been there… yet. Of course, I’ve never been married, with several kids, and have a job that drags me around the world either, so that may be why I’ve yet to see it. 😀

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