I’m on the injured list, now.

Yesterday at just before noon I threw a really sloppy drive on 3. Just before release, I heard (not “felt,” though that happened too. HEARD) my shoulder go “snerk.” My follow-through was agonizing.

I played the rest of the game with my left-hand side-arm, and bogied all but two of the remaining holes. So, four over par, which isn’t bad for taking the 2/3rds of the game I play with my RH back-hand and playing it with my LH sidearm.

The big problem is that it’s my RIGHT ARM. Yes, I can still draw. But I’m not sure I can ERASE.


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  1. So if the buffer is at 6, does that mean we just add six to todays comic to get the first comic you drew in your impaired condition? 🙂

    Seriously, though. I hope you get to feeling better.


    1. Actually, the buffer is at 9

      Actually, the buffer is at 9, but yes: add 9 to today’s comic and you’ll see the first strip drawn with the injured right arm.


  2. Well, that shouldn’t be an issue…

    To need to erase, you would have to make a mistake, wouldn’t you?

    Are you suggesting your art isn’t perfect as it comes first shot?



    Seriously though… As many have said before, if you need to “let it go”, let it go, man…

    We understand life happens. We love the strip, but if you getting healthy means we suffer a day or five or more without Schlock, then I’m sure we’ll manage somehow….

    Honest, man…

    1. Blasphemer!


      I’m not going to let it go. If need be, I’ll erase the construction lines (they’re not MISTAKES) with the help of Sandra or Kiki.


  3. Ouch. I didn’t even know you COULD strain your shoulder throwing a frisbee disc, much less do it like that by accident, given the way the joint works. Condolences on the arm, and here’s hoping you don’t end up with too many eager assistants when it comes time to erase things.

  4. OUCH! I did something similar a few years back whilst rock climbing in Wales. Turned out I’d pulled and stretched the ligaments.

    If it’s still sore after 24 hours, get it looked at. I didn’t when I did the inital injury and I’m still paying for it now.

    Hope it gets better soon!


    1. <former-paramedic> For that matter, if the pain doesn’t go away completely with aspirin, or if motion is limited, or if the area feels hot, or if you hear or feel funny things going on when you move it, get yourself to a doctor. Shoulders can be trouble for years if not properly taken care of. </former-paramedic>

      1. He’s already been to the doctor. It’s an aggrivated injury, not a new one. I feed him ibuprofen and take good care of him. I’ll erase stuff for him if that’s what it takes, but fortunately it looks to be unnecessary.

        1. I feed him ibuprofen and take good care of him.
          We knew that. (Well, maybe not about the ibuprofen.) As busy as he is, I don’t think for a minute he could manage all that and a family too without a LOT of help.

        2. I’m sorry, but when you say ‘erase stuff for him’, I suddenly get this image of you with an AP-130 and power armor. And with kids in tow, just ready to take on the typos and characters who are trying to run rampant with him injured. 😀

          1. Sandra’s not the ‘handgun’ type

            Sandra’s not the handgun type. Her Schlockiverse weapon of choice would likely be a lightweight G/G rifle and a HUD for the scope.

            She CAN engage targets at close range, but from what I’ve seen of her shooting, prefers to reach out and touch them from a bit further out.

          2. Re: Sandra’s not the ‘handgun’ type

            You know, I’m wondering how much it would cost to commission that picture now…

            So she’d be the type who’d hold off the typo monsters and rampant characters from range while you struggled to herd the rest of the characters into the proper order for a day’s strip, as it were?

          3. Re: Sandra’s not the ‘handgun’ type

            Nah, I’d herd them all into a pen for later use. I’ve gotten reallly good at herding small un-cooperative creatures from place to place.

        1. Re: That’s not a muscle, either.

          Maybe he’s not able to exercise THAT muscle in his injured state? That would certainly leave it heavy on the mind for me. =p

  5. I wish you the best in health and healing. And as I have started playing some disc golf myself just last week, I must say that it really is a fun time.

  6. Anyone else notice how the expression on Howard’s pic is perfect for certain statements, like, “That’s not a muscle, either…” and “I gotcher patience right here, pal…”?
    It cracks me up everytime he posts something where the pic/phrase match so well. Just though I’d share.
    And get better, big guy.

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