I saw the wrong movie!

Yesterday I went out and saw “Catwoman.” It was fun. Obviously it was no “Spiderman” (let alone “Spiderman 2”), but it was still fun. They did a good job developing the Catwoman mythos, and allowing her to be her own character, rather than someone whose identity really only gets developed in contrast to Batman.

When I got out of the theater there were lines everywhere. My first thought was “I hope these folks aren’t all going to see “Catwoman,” because most of ’em will be disappointed.” Not everybody likes comics the way I do, and I was predisposed to like the movie.

I needn’t have worried. They were all in line for “The Bourne Superemacy.” I had no idea that opened Friday.


(I will rectify this oversight at 11:10am today…)

13 thoughts on “I saw the wrong movie!”

  1. Well…

    … everything I’ve heard about Catwoman has predisposed me to avoid it like the plague. The previews did not do anything to encourage me, either.

    Also, after the X-Movies, Hulk, and Spidey 1 and 2, my bar for superheroic entertainment is set pretty high.

  2. I want tos ee catwoman jsut becouse i have seen all the marvel movies so far, even the ehhhhh punisher movie. I will probably avoid bourne for nwo as i JUST reread all of the books in preperation, and the reviews make it clear they edited the book a LOT in making the movie.

    Why is it that lately anyone who was, in the book, married is engaged or dating in the movie?

    1. Because, in theory, being engaged or dating is a less stable condition than being married. Movies thrive on dynamic character development which is why there are so few movie depictions of happily married couples.

    2. Lemme get this straight… you’re going to go see Catwoman because you’ve seen all the Marvel movies?

      You DO know that Catwoman is a DC property, right? You know, like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and (here’s where it can get confusing) Captain Marvel?


      1. I want to see Superman vs. The Hulk on the silverscreen!

        The comic was awesome … Hulk finally met his match. Kind of.

  3. I can’t decide whether I want to see The Bourne Supremacy yet. On the one hand, it looks like an entertaining film, like the last one was, and Matt Damon rocks…

    But on the other hand, they gutted the books completely and made the character and his purpose so backward from what he was in the books that it just sickens me. As in, I’d love the first movie if it had a different title and a different name for the main character…

    1. As in, I’d love the first movie if it had a different title and a different name for the main character…

      My feelings exactly. That and the fact that the 4th book that just came out (The Bourne Legacy) is not, even in part, written by Ludlum who had clearly said before his death that Jason Bourne had retired and was too old for that kind of thing – it makes me sad for the real Ludlum books. Let his name be, for cryin’ out loud. There are other writers, and they can write just as well – you don’t need to slap Ludlum’s name on another guy’s book just to move copies.

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