And now Sandra is home…

Sandra left Boise about 6 hours after I did, and arrived back here around 9:30. I called her when she was about 40 minutes out (how DID we get by before the age of cell-phones?) and determined that I needed to fix a dinner to be served upon arrival. The kids had been eating nothing but snack food since lunch, and needed something “real” to go to bed on.

So I made spaghetti. I won’t bore you with the details, save to say I made sure to prepare it so that the smells were permeating the house. That way appetites would be better stimulated, and kids would be that much more likely to eat.

Well, at the door I discovered one of my kids was missing. Sandra traded Kiki (our oldest daughter) for a little boy cousin Link’s age, whom I will lovingly refer to as “Howler.” Kiki will stay in Idaho with a girl cousin her age for about a week.

We’ll see how Howler and I get on. I suspect I have to return him in good condition in order to get Kiki back. The good news is, of the kids who sat down to eat the spaghetti I prepared, Howler plowed through it fastest and furthest.


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    1. Re: Hrm…

      I suspect the name is primarily due to an extremely vivid first impression. I’ll leave it to Howard to explain to Howler’s parents why he’s been nicknamed for a small, loud, active, stubborn monkey. On second thought perhaps the explaination won’t be necessary.

      1. So there was this one time…

        So there was this one time we were walking to Church (it was only a couple of blocks — this is Utah, after all) and Howler had a bug up his butt over something, I don’t remember what.

        He howled for the entire walk. He walked normally, but just kept up that crying-yell the whole time. It got to the point that some of us were chuckling about it. “How does he DO that?”

        Anyway, now you know.


      1. Re: Grill

        I want pictures when you get to grilling the sauce.

        By the way, you’ve seen the George Goble page on lighting a barbeque in 3 seconds, yes?

  1. Kid-trading? Sounds ominous. “I’ll trade you Howler for Kiki for a few days, and we’ll see who we like better…” 😉

    Seriously, though – glad to hear that Sandra’s back in, though will you be grilling anything for the kids, for the rest of the week? Hot dogs, various components that go into their meals, etc?

    1. *whince*

      As a Big Black fan that ‘ominous’ suggestion immediately brought to mind the backstory of the song “Jordan” which, suffice to say, is not a direction I wanted my stream of consciousness to flow with regard to Howard and his cherished offspring.

      1. You’re cranky because your little kids traded their oldest sister for Howler, aren’t you? 😉

        “Here, we’ll give you our big sister if you let us have your little brother for a few days.”

        “Only if I get to get some Dora the Explorer episodes to go with her.”


        1. Actually, what annoys me most right NOW is that I was at the comic book store today, and picked up a book JUST for KIKI. Nobody else will appreciate it. By the time she gets back, I’ll have forgotten I picked it up for her, and the book will have been misplaced, or she’ll read it without asking where it came from, and therefore without going all gushy and “thankyoudaddy” and all that.


          There’s $3.95 that won’t darken MY door again.

          1. “Kids do the darndest things.” 😀

            Maybe Sandra’ll remember the special book for you, now that you’ve announced its existence on your LiveJournal for all the world to see. Either that, or the rest of us might remind you about it… assuming the book hasn’t been misplaced or already read.

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