Up too late… it was worth it.

I’m up too late tonight. Sandra and I stayed up to watch the “Once More With Feeling” episode from Buffy Season 6.

The XBox (our DVD player) was acting up in a bad way, but we FINALLY got it to play.

That episode was amazing. AMAZING. I’m still feeling giddy.

Of course, part of that is that it’s now 9:30 am in Joburg, and part of me thinks I should be up and at ’em. I’m not taking any more sleepy-pills, though. They’re habit-forming (probably not ADDICTIVE, but habit-forming) and they dry me out.

To bed. Tomorrow (well… TUESDAY) is a work-day, and I’m back in the office for the first time since May 21st.


p.s. No BVS spoilers, please. I’ve not seen any episodes past Season 6 disc 2.

10 thoughts on “Up too late… it was worth it.”

  1. Oh, you have some amazing episodes left to see! First thing that happens is THE REST OF THIS COMMENT DELETED BY THE LIVEJOURNAL SPOILER FILTER FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. HAVE A NICE DAY.

  2. I loved that episode. In fact I loved it so much I’ve got the soundtrack… well worth the investment.

    *sings*, “… there’s nothing we can’t face.. except for bunnies”

  3. Amazing

    I also thought Once More With Feeling was amazing. I’ve seen it twice now and it only got better with the second veiwing. Several moments gave me chills. I’ll save a more extended discussion of Buffy for when Howard and I have finished the season because currently I’ve seen more of it than he has and I don’t want to spoil anything for him.

  4. Sing-a-long

    *sings out loudly*
    “There was no parking anywhere, hey, I’m not wearing underwear …”

    Oops, that episode’s music always has this effect on me. Just can’t stop the singing and dancing!

    *dances off, singing again*

  5. I recall trying to explain BtVS to a friend who didn’t watch it (or much other TV, for that matter). When we got to the musical episode, she said, “didn’t they do that on Xena, too?”
    Another friend present quickly interjected, “yes, but on Buffy, there was a _reason_ for it.”

  6. I’ve not seen any episodes past Season 6 disc 2.

    Lucky. No spoilers, but Season 7 sent the show down the crapper.

  7. My favorite Buffy episode will always be the one where Buffy’s mom dies. That episode was so powerful I think that it was a crime that it didn’t win an emmy…

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