The Far Side of the Nap

I laid myself down for a nap at 5:30pm, and awoke at 6:15 as the final strains of Vangelis Oceanic petered out on the boom-box in the bedroom, and realized that the world looks a LOT better when seen from the far side of a nap.

I left work a little early for a round of Disc Golf (all that talk about discs… I couldn’t help myself) and had a LOUSY round. My game is shot. Couldn’t drive, couldn’t approach, couldn’t putt. I shot 6 over on 9 holes, and that’s not counting the additional three to five strokes I should have taken for temper-tantrum putts that bounced back out of the basket. When you huck the disc REALLY HARD from point-blank it makes a satisfying sound, but seldom stays in.

Anyway, post-nap I felt much better. Why should a bad round of DG get me down? Answer: it shouldn’t. I got up, treated myself to a SECOND Carl’s Junior burger (classic double cheese with bacon, minus the C&M, plus Thousand Island, in a lettuce wrap) and some Diet Pepsi Vanilla… I feel good. I would have felt fine WITHOUT the treat-food dinner-for-people-on-low-carb-diets, but it was only two bucks.


3 thoughts on “The Far Side of the Nap”

  1. One mark of an advanced soul, I believe, is that it takes relatively little to produce a good feeling about things.

    I see that in your retreat into a nap, you have demonstrated an advance in attitude. ];-)

    ===|==============/ Level Head

  2. Be happy that your body is willing to do the nap thing. Mine isn’t. If I lay down for a half-hour nap, I wake up feeling like I just got a half-hour’s night sleep last night. This is NOT a feeling to promote. In fact, a good nap is such a rarity for me, I can actually remember the last time it happened, and my age was still measured in single digits then…

  3. I have often (okay, like, twice) commented on my LJ about the efficaciousness of a mid-day nap. Talk about relaxing and nice…

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