I’m back.

Yesterday was great.

My work-day at Novell flew by, and it was a productive one. Then at home I cranked out another four days worth of strips.

I’m pretty sure it’s just diet and exercise. I haven’t been dieting, per se, but I’ve been trying to fill up on healthy stuff before caving to cravings and having Shrek Cereal or pieces of chocolate that came home with me from Holland. The result? I dropped from a high of 186.5 lbs to 181 pounds (Sat 11pm to Wed at 6am), and I just plain FEEL BETTER.

There were a couple of problematic moments, like the part where I was at home and a guy at work IM’d me about my committment to attend a July 21st conference in Chicago. I IM’d him back and said “I don’t remember committing to that,” frankly terrified at the thought of having to travel again in just three weeks. I need more recovery time. Well, it turns out he was bluffing. I HAVEN’T committed to it yet, and he wanted me to.

Meh. I’ll delegate that trip to one of the five talented people who report to me. Oh, and bite me right here.

Anyway… I’m back. I drew four strips last night, and it felt good.


5 thoughts on “I’m back.”

  1. Is that your buttocks you want him biting, or just the hand that feeds him, as it were?

    Either way, congrats on the weight loss (which I need to start on myself, again), and more sleep.

  2. You can designate one of your other five talented people to go down there and smack the guy around for trying to bluff you.

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