The Giant Penguin

There’s a giant (six meters high) inflatable penguin here at BrainShare Africa. My buddy Ted (after whom the Reverend Theo Fobius was originally modeled) snuck up behind it and with rhythmic up-and-down rocking motions managed to get it to bounce.

From the front, the bouncing of the giant penguin looked pretty cool. And frightening. Kind of like Gozer had chosen a new form and was out to stomp on churches in a new town.


(p.s. I edited the post with the actual dimensions of the penguin — he’s six meters high, not three.)

8 thoughts on “The Giant Penguin”

  1. See if they will let you take it home with you. Make a great toy for the kids.

    …or maybe it will give your kids nightmares.

    I’m usre the local linux users group would like it.

  2. There’s a little X application floating around the ‘net called Xteddy. It just puts a bitmap image of a teddybear on your screen. Cute, harmless, inoffensive teddybear.

    It has an “always on top” setting.

    I discovered one day that if you start up two xteddy instances, offset vertically by one or two pixels, then set both of them to “always on top”, they will of course fight for which is on top, and cycle back and forth pushing each other down. The visual result of this is that your cute, harmless, inoffensive teddybear sits cutely there on your desktop, quaking with barely-contained psychotic, homicidal rage.

    It was disturbingly amusing. Or amusingly disturbing. Or something. 🙂

    1. Psycho Teddy

      Unfortunately, that doesn’t work on Windows, ’cause believe me, I ran out and tried it after reading your comment.

  3. Giant Penguin

    So, is it _exactly_ 9’9″ tall? Or just _roughly_ 3 meters? Is Africa actually on the metric system? Or has Howard been writing a SF comic so long, he now thinks in metrics? Does it matter?

  4. “It’s the Linux Penguin.”

    “… I knew Linux would never hurt us!”

    “Howard has gone bye-bye, Egon. What have you got left?”

  5. Meh. I said 3 meters. I meant to say 6, because I was eyeballing it as about 3 times as tall as a tall guy standing next to it.

    And now that I think about it, it’s probably closer to 5 meters, because there’s no way that guy was 6’6″.


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