NOT the next Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

Yesterday I found Kiki (the 9-year-old) dipping pork-rinds in a bowl of what looked like cream cheese. Since I often eat them with french onion dip, and since I love fritos with cream cheese, I dipped one and prepared to pop it in the ol’ cake-hole.

Sandra: “That’s not cream cheese. That’s cake frosting.”

Me: throws the pork rind in the sink in a panic “Cake frosting? Kiki, what are you DOING?”

Kiki: “Daddy, they’re GOOD this way.”

There you have it. I’ll not vouchsafe pork-rinds and cake-frosting for you, but my 9-year-old will.


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  1. Would you mind handing me my other eyeball? They sort of flew out, and wound up bouncing around after reading “pork-rind”, “cake frosting” and “good” in the same thought. 🙂

  2. *GIGGLE!*

    And people think I’m bad because I like Fritos with cottage cheese and got Goose, Pirate, and Wen to eat them that way too. And peanut butter on apples and hummus on tortilla chips.

    1. That’s not so bad. Try an apple-and-cheese sandwich (preferably with so-called American cheese) with sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg, toasted or grilled. Or perhaps mustard on macaroni and cheese…

      …and then there are, of course, chupaquesos and the ever-popular-for-some-reason ‘Reuben sandwich’.

      1. Try an apple-and-cheese sandwich (preferably with so-called American cheese) with sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg, toasted or grilled.

        Um, why? It’s simpler to make an apple pie and then top it with sharp cheddar at the table. 🙂 (A la mode? Isn’t that for the Yankees?)

        Or perhaps mustard on macaroni and cheese…

        I sometimes mixed mustard powder in to macaroni and cheese. Somehow prepared mustard doesn’t sound appetizing. All that vinegar.

        the ever-popular-for-some-reason ‘Reuben sandwich’.

        Yuck. Saurkraut.

        1. Um, why? It’s simpler to make an apple pie and then top it with sharp cheddar at the table. 🙂 (A la mode? Isn’t that for the Yankees?)

          Oh, undoubtedly, but the taste is significantly different with both American cheese and white bread. Somehow I prefer it. Additionally, diabetes forces me to use Splenda, which is in a realm all its own when it comes to altered tastes.

    1. Unfortunately, it IS what it sounds like: Deep fried pig skin. Which I suppose isn’t all THAT much different from nice crisp bacon, but somehow it just SOUNDS more disgusting to me.

      But then, I’m what you’d call a “fussy eater”. Which is a polite way of saying “BIG pain in the ass.” (Thanks to George Carlin for that line, it’s one of my favorites to use on this subject.)

    2. It’s a cross between “bacon” and “potato crisp”

      Pork rinds are a cross between bacon and potato chips/crisps (depending on the vernacular where you are). It’s actual pig SKIN (not like bacon, which is subcutaneous) which has been burned or scalded from the carcass, cut into strips, and then deep-fried.

      In Mexico they’re called chicharrones

      It’s a zero-carbohydrate food, but the protein in it is not especially nutritional, and the fat is almost certainly Not The Good Kind.


      1. Re: It’s a cross between “bacon” and “potato crisp”

        Protein is protein, and generally all equally nutritious (excepting lack of essential proteins, but that’s not an issue here). The fat though … that’s enough to push your cholesterol straight through the roof. If you use that to snack, I hope you jog a *lot*.

  3. Pork Rinds and Cake Icing…

    Okay, you need to get the kid on Peanut butter, jelly, and supersharp cheddar. Ether that, or deep-fried oreos.

  4. Personally, if you want ‘healthy’, I’d put the kid on peanut butter with seasame seeds on celery myself… but I’m not one to talk. I used to put mayo in steamed beef rice.

    1. You’re assuming I “put the kid on” the pork rinds. I did no such thing. That’s DADDY-food, for dieting when I need crunchy but can’t have carbs.

      No, she got into those herself. She foraged, found a couple of things that she liked, and tried putting them together.


  5. I’m not sure if I should feel squicked out or amused here. But then, I don’t have much room to talk, I don’t think.

    I eat french fries with sweet and sour sauce. I’ve been known to skip human breakfast and just help myself to a couple handfuls of sweet feed grain when going out to ride horses in the morning. I’ve also tasted a wee sample of their worming medicine just to see why they fussed so much about it (and it IS nasty-tasting). I use sour cream instead of mustard on some sandwiches. I love this ginger-peach fruity hotsauce from Dave’s that’s oh-so-yummy on ice cream.

    But still… cake frosting? O_o With pork rinds? I think mainly what’s breaking my brain is that cake frosting’s too sweet for my blood sugar levels to handle, and I don’t like pork rinds.

  6. Well. could be worse:)

    From the descriptions given, I’m going to make the assumption that in my american to English dictionary, ‘Pork rinds’ translates to ‘Pork Scratchings’
    Now I (being mad and British) rather like eating these when drinking beer (Ale or bitter)
    The idea of dipping them in cream cheese is rather appealing though, I might have to try that.

    On wierd combinations.. I like English Cheddar and strawberry jam (jelly to you across the pond) sandwiches.

    My partner enjoys salad cream and cheese.. something that makes me want to do impressions of Rik out of ‘Crime Schlock….’. Mayo and cheese is fine.. preferably with a lump of beef and some green crunchy stuff.. but SALAD CREAM?? honestly I ask you :)!

  7. The next time you’re using the self-serve soda machine at some fast food joint, try mixing root beer and lemonade. A little sweet, a little tart, yummy!

  8. Pork rinds: yum!
    Pork rinds with cake frosting: ew.
    Although, who am I to talk? I eat mayonnaise on french fries. Oh, and one of my favorite sandwiches is as follows:
    Shred fake crab meat and mix with shredded cheese and 1000 Island dressing. Place between two slices of bread and either pop it into a sandwich maker (what I do) or fry in a skillet until golden brown. Smear each delicious bite with sour cream before you eat it. Mmm…

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