Half a WHAT?!?!?

Apparently the convention center only has a half a megabit pipe for internet connectivity. This wouldn’t be so bad if it were just me, but with the crowd of presenters and staff all trying to sync up with their various home offices, that half megabit is like a big juicy porterhouse steak sitting all by itself at the all-you-can-eat buffet. I got a forkful, but I also got someone else’s fork stuck in my hand, and the maitre’d is nowhere to be seen.

I don’t remember it being this bad last year. Same venue, same staff… maybe the construction across the street has forced re-routing of lines or something. Dunno.

Upshot of all this… the presentations I needed to tweak are dependent on data I don’t have access to. Grrr….


7 thoughts on “Half a WHAT?!?!?”

  1. *applauds today’s strip*

    I was waiting for the bug refference…

    I was starting to get worried, since no CSI parody is complete without a bug refference…

  2. God, that sounds like a brace of headaches!

    I’ll be the last person to suggest that you, well, use the forks.


    Ow. Note: do not crack lame jokes around men in large boots.

  3. Yuck.

    I fail to see the point in organizing a networking conference where people are unable to network.

    I guess this means that lurking in irc hoping you’ll show up will be a fruitless occupation. I’ll miss chatting with you, but I should probably be sleeping anyway.

    Especially since Buffy Season Six is due to show up tomorrow or Thursday and Buffy always impacts my sleep schedule.

    1. Re: Yuck.

      Hooray, there are still Buffy Fans out there! 🙂

      Now I will just have to wait until they publish season six over here in Germany ….

  4. Seriously, half a megabit? Um… I get that kind of service to my apartment. That is seriously whacked.

    If they don’t fix that pronto, I wouldn’t be surprised if that convention center loses the contract for next year.

    1. Indeed. We’ll see what happens.

      Unfortunately, this particular conference center IS the best one around. The only way to do better would be to move the convention to CapeTown.


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