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Star Wars: The Last Jedi

There has been quite a bit of noise on social media regarding the spoiler content in reviews of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, so I’ll be even less specific than I usually am when reviewing things that might easily be spoiled.

I saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Yay! Good Star Wars movie. Better than the previous two (which is a reasonably high bar to clear) and much better than the three that came before those (but that’s a very low bar.) Comparisons with the original trilogy are probably not useful, but if I had to sit down in front of a Star Wars movie again, right now, it would be this one.

That’s it for now.

Do You Design T-Shirts?

Sandra and I are looking to engage the services of a designer for a new round of Schlock Mercenary t-shirts. This will be a work-for-hire project that pays a flat fee for each design, plus a slice of the purchase price for each shirt sold.

We want awesome designs that will work well with silk-screening, discharge printing, and other fabric-related technologies. Familiarity with Schlock Mercenary is not required, but is always kind of nice. For scheduling purposes, the bulk of the work will be done during January of 2018.

Applicants should email with samples of their work and a short resume that highlights experience in this space. A link to an online art portfolio is a plus. We’ll be accepting applications through December 30th, or until the position has been filled.

Merchandise, And The Unapologetic Plugging Thereof

We’d like to draw your attention to some merchandise and end-of-year deals that may align with your holiday gift giving plans:

As Sandra was cleaning up our storage space, she found odds and ends of old merchandise. There weren’t enough of any one item to list them in the store, so we created the Schlock Mystery Box. For $25 you get $40-$70 of randomly selected Schlock merchandise, much of which is not available elsewhere. We also created a vinyl sticker grab bag for $10, and a small print grab bag for $5.

And of course you can always go browsing to fill in whichever Schlock books are missing from your collection. There are even PDF versions of the books for those who want their Schlock more portable.

Thank you so much for all of your support this past year.

Justice League

Justice League is a lot of fun. Also, it shows promise. Maybe, just maybe, DC Comics films will finally shake free of the desaturated joylessness that has been their hallmark for a decade. This summer’s Wonder Woman was brilliant and beautiful, and Justice League, though not quite up to that standard, is fun, and triumphant, and (eventually) colorful.

Yes, it begins with sepia-toned misery, but then? Well, okay, then things get worse, but the film doesn’t wallow in that for too long. Okay, yes, it does wallow in that for a while, but then it finishes wallowing and gets on with the heroic, colorful business of being a superhero movie that reminds us why we love comic book heroes.

Justice League clears my Threshold of Awesome, and it also clears my “must own the soundtrack” bar, because Elfman reprised not only his own 1989 Batman theme, but also John Williams’ 1977 Superman theme.