Much better…

Had a nap, slept off the sugar-crash. It was a good nap. It put the agonizing disc-golf-plus-long-commute into the “yesterday” category, where I no longer need to care about it. I headed downstairs, scanned all of this week’s artwork, while bantering with the #schlock_mercenary crowd at I touched up the scripts I need to draw today and tomorrow, and began pencilling.

I got interrupted a couple of times — Sandra hauled the youngest downstairs for his goodnight ritual with Daddy. Mostly it involves sitting in my lap dancing to whatever I’ve got playing. This time it was “Whisper” by Evanescence. Then the 3-year-old came down and sat on my lap for HER goodnight ritual — sitting in my lap and watching the Spider-Man 2 trailer.

Just so you know, I won’t be using the kids’ names in public journal entries. Sandra and I can choose a life of relative celebrity, but the kids aren’t old enough to make that choice yet. If I refer to them as #1, or #3, you’ll just have to piece it together and know that it only happens that way in public. At home they have real names, not numbers (unless they’ve been naughty.)

And now, back to work.

Creekside Disc Golf… GRRRR…

I had been looking forward to Friday afternoon for much of the week. I’d scheduled some time with guys at work to drive up to SLC (45 minutes north) to the Creekside Disc Golf Course in the Holladay township/city/precinct/whatever.

The course is pleasant enough. There’s shade, there are some tricky drives and some shots over water. My game was WAAAY off, though. I ended up at 13 over par, with an asterisk where I was 10 feet from the pin on the wrong side of a wall of trees and just gave up and called it five strokes. By the end of the game I was tired, upset, and ready to go home…

… and staring at a southbound Friday afternoon commute out of the Salt Lake Valley.

By the time I got home I’d decided to stop off at Albertson’s and buy a little can of Nesquik. I haven’t had that stuff in months — it’s addictive, and I worked really, really hard to kick that addiction, and I was in such a pissy mood after two hours of bad frisbee followed by another hour of lousy commute that I decided to binge.

Bad Howard.

The good news is that Randy is coming to town tomorrow, and he can help me finish the stuff off. I bought the LITTLE can, so between the two of us and the kids it won’t last long. Hopefully I won’t even go into withdrawals next week.


Schlock Community?

Okay, in 18 hours since first posting my LJ name I’ve acquired close to 100 “Friends of” entries, which I believe to be an indicator of some mild interest in either my ramblings, my life, or my work.

I strongly suspect it’s more my work (Schlock Mercenary — just inked two rows) than my life (migraine is currently under control, children are not) or my ramblings (discovered some political cartoons that actually lean the same way I do).

So… is there interest in setting up an actual Schlock Mercenary community? I know, I know, I’ve already got TWO forums (Keenspot Schlock and Nightstar Schlock) out there, but neither of them leverage the community aspect of this big ol’ Live Journal thaing.

Comments welcome. Volunteers appreciated. I’m not exactly made o’ time these days.


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