The Five-Year Summer

Yesterday we posted our first update to the Big Dumb Objects Kickstarter project.

It is entitled “The Five Year Summer,” and it is an abridged account of why this project is running in October instead of in June. Which means, I suppose, it is an abridged excuse, though given its length, the term “abridged” is getting a nice long stretch of the sort Olympic athletes might get before a workout.

You can read it here! It includes pictures of flood-cut walls, new flooring, and a jackhammer pirate named Val.

Big Dumb Objects: Pre-Orders Begin Next Week!

Big Dumb Objects, Schlock Mercenary Book 16, is almost ready for the printer!

This coming Tuesday we’ll begin the pre-order process using Kickstarter¹. The project will run for about a month, ending shortly before Thanksgiving, and will include some fun and fancy stretch goals like Planet Mercenary content, challenge coins, and stuff so cool (but so not-yet-approved) that we don’t even dare hint at it.

The project will definitely include a slipcase fitted for books 12 through 16.

We’ll also do some videos for this one. The cover art isn’t done yet, so we’ll take this opportunity to stream its creation over at, starting with pencils, and moving all the way into final inks. (The coloring won’t be streamed. Travis colors these things off-camera.)

We hope you’ll join us next Tuesday (or maybe Wednesday?) and help us fund the creation of a book so big we promised ourselves we weren’t going to do a book this big².

¹ We’re aware of Kickstarter’s position with regard to unionization. We support the unionizers at Kickstarter United, and agree with them: boycotting Kickstarter will hurt all the wrong people. (Yes, including us.)
² At 256 pages Big Dumb Objects is the same size as Massively Parallel — the book which convinced us to stop doing books this big. Maybe putting words for “large” in the title is the problem here.

Worldbuilding Tonight on the TypecastRPG Twitch Stream

Tonight at 9pm Eastern on the TypecastRPG Twitch Stream I’ll be talking about worldbuilding with fellow worldbuilders, scene-setters, and cosmos-creators Mari Murdock, Charlie Holmberg, and Brian McClellan.

Our Dungeon Master is out of town, and our paladin is honeymooning, so it’s possible we’ll have a USB port open for an Art Cam!

Join us at 9pm Eastern for an hour (or two!) of animated¹ discussion, Q&A², and personal growth³.

¹ Art Cam notwithstanding, there will be no actual animation. Just (hopefully) me drawing stuff.
² If you want your Q’s A’d, join the chat! 
³ None of us have had this discussion with each other, so inevitably we will grow from it. This is a thing that happens during discussions. 


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