Kickstarter Alert! Book 18!

We’ve launched the Kickstarter for Mandatory Failure: Schlock Mercenary Book 18, and it has already funded.

Not only have we funded, but we’ve reached some stretch goals, too! Click here to visit the Kickstarter and see the latest news.

The project will run until October 20th of 2023. Back it early to ensure that you don’t miss out on the bonus goodies, and to help us afford even more bonus goodies.

Where To Start

If you’re looking for a starting point for Schlock Mercenary, we recommend starting with Book 10, The Longshoreman of the Apocalypse.

“I bet I can turn this tank into a longshoreman…”
Their first job for their new employers is a glorified delivery run, and when things go wrong Tagon’s Toughs can honestly point at the mess they did not make and say “this was not our fault.”
As with any public mess, however, it only gets messier as it gets more public, and a celebrity journalist is looking to pin the blame on someone. Like perhaps the company of violent sociopaths whose job it was to deliver the groceries.

Like all Schlock Mercenary books, Longshoreman of the Apocalypse introduces the key characters and concepts early on so you don’t need to read the previous nine books to catch up. You can if you’d like, though. We’re not the boss of you.

Schlock Mercenary ran daily for twenty years, so the archives are deep. We’d love for you to read all of them, but we do counsel a bit of caution before you dive in.

Where To Find Me

The late 2022¹ Twitter fiascochuro² necessitated the creation of a socials post detailing where you might find me on the various social media platforms. Here we go!

These were sorted in order of URL length, rather than in order of preference, or priority, or anything like that.

¹ Followed by the July 2023 Twitter ratepocalypse or limitageddon.
² I totally made this word up. I think “fiascochuro” would have meant “darkness in a bottle” in old Italian, but since “fiasco” kind of means “disaster” these days, my word probably means “dark disaster,” or maybe “a bottle of dark disaster” if we push the envelope a bit.

A Little Immortality: The Kickstarter!

We’ve launched the Kickstarter for A Little Immortality: Schlock Mercenary Book 17, and it has already funded.

Also, it has already blown past all but one of our original stretch goals, including one that gives everybody (not just backers—everybody) a free desktop wallpaper.

Our plan was to launch it *quietly* on Tuesday, and then announce it here a day later in order to see how our newsletter was performing, but the launch was not quiet, and then things got busy, and now the “a day later” is more than half a day gone.

I’d write more, but everything I want to say is over on the Kickstarter project page, so click that and learn all the things!

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