Start your New Year with Original Artwork!

Per my last post, I had Sandra dig through the boneyard, and she came up with some neat things to auction off. Let’s start with the cover art!

Inked cover art from The Tub of Happiness

This is the “crowd scene” portion of the cover art from Schlock Mercenary: The Tub of Happiness, which was assembled in pieces. It is ink on bristol, and measures 11″ high by 14″ wide.
Next up, the back-cover bit!

Diamond Beetle from Tub of Happiness back cover

It’s a diamond beetle! It is happy to see people charging it. Sadly, they’re on a different piece of paper. Still, this is a great collector’s piece for anybody who has the book. It is also ink on bristol, and measures 9″x12″.

For these last two I’ll let you click on the auction links in order to see the pictures. We have an Angry Under-The-Sink Disposal Unit (from Tub of Happiness) and Cthulhu Checks The Queen (from The Blackness Between,) both of which are pencil-only pieces.
Happy bidding, and may the deepest pockets win!

2 thoughts on “Start your New Year with Original Artwork!”

  1. Given that Tub of Happyness has finally reached my hands (I suspect it went for a detour around University mail), I would just like to express my approval at the sketch of Kevyn and a Large And Presumably Quite Unsafe Button.

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