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Almost done…

Last night was the post-summit dinner, and it ran way too late. This morning I checked out of the hotel, had Erno drive me to Capelle (which, as it turns out, is completely surrounded by Rotterdam), and met with our support folk in Capelle. I’ve not had as good a time talking with tech support guys as I had with these dudes. Maybe it’s because I was pretty unhinged after being in “controlled release of information” mode for three days. Maybe it’s because we all ganged up on the French. It seems that I’m not alone in my penchant for bashing the language-bigots who tried to shove a camera up my output port three years ago.

In just a few minutes Rob and I are heading over to Het Park to play a round of Disc golf. We’ll see how it goes. I’m bringing the camera. Hopefully I can get pictures posted before I leave Capelle for Amsterdam.


The nice thing about being famous…

Good grief.

There’s a guy here from Infoworld, and he wants to write an article about the event. He also wants a photo of “Howard Tayler presenting” for his article.

So… two minutes ago, just before the closing group panel, we did a POSED SHOT of me on stage in front of a slide deck. Good grief.

I joked with Jeannie, the Advisor coordinator and photographer…

“The nice thing about being famous is the obscene amounts of money I’m … wait a minute.”


Rod from UNEP came up to me at the Advisor Summit this afternoon and asked whether or not I’d gotten to play disc golf yet. I asked him where he’d heard about THAT (the answer, by the way, is “not yet”), and he said that one of his staff back in the UK was a Schlock reader, and was wondering.

I have a strict policy. Anybody at a Novell event who comes up to me unsolicited and mentions that they’re a Schlock fan gets free artwork. In Rod’s case I had to make a slight exception – the picture of Schlock I drew for him was intended to be given to Simon.

Simon, if you’re reading this, you know you’ve got a gift coming back across the channel. Enjoy it, and go convert the rest of your co-workers. 🙂

For the record, I think the free-artwork-at-Novell-events rule has been put into play four times now. There is NOT a large area of overlap between my two lives.